Aquifer Mapping

Acquifer Mapping
Dugan mapping karst conduit with electric resistivity.

Wells & springs are often the only water supply on rural land lacking utilities and prove invaluable water sources during periods of prolonged drought and water rationing. We drill wells to tap into underground aquifers (streams, conduit paths, etc.) after precisely mapping the hydrogeology beneath land needing irrigation water.* Our wells average over 30,000 gallons of water available for daily watering of lawns, landscape plantings & leaky ponds that require large volumes to maintain lake levels. We use geophysical instruments & proven techniques to map faults, fractures, terraces, and karst aquifers found at depths less than 200-feet, and then tap those sources with the greatest potential for yearlong water supply.

Water Locating - Survey Profiles & Test Well Results

Acquifer Mapping
ER survey profile & successful water well, LCA school.

* Rates available on request. Same day evaluations are available to recommend the most easily accessible & dependable water source on individual properties.


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