Irrigation - Smaller Systems

Irripod System with 4 sprinklers
Irripod System with 4 sprinklers operating in active horse
farm field.

Irripods in Field
Irripods irrigating turf in field with grazing mares.

Hydrant & drip line watering hedge row
Hydrant & drip line watering hedge row around
horse training track.

Drip lines irrigating vegetable farm
Drip lines irrigating vegetable farm fed off 2 wells
by Bluestone.

At Bluestone Geologic we incorporate a variety of irrigation systems, fitted to the well or spring supply. In-ground lines can be installed for permanent lawn & landscape irrigation, whereas more mobile systems are the choice for our clients needing flexibility in their water application. At many horse farms we set-up Irripod sprinklers - a system of small mobile pods with impact sprinklers- usually 2-5 connected in series on 30-50-foot spacing spaying 10-15 gpm from each head. This can easily be moved by hand or ATV into and out of active grazing fields to maintain healthy stands of grass throughout the recent droughts.

Other irrigation projects include locating and completing high-volume water wells for school athletic field irrigation/conditioning. They typically flow over 150 gpm into supply lines feeding water to football, soccer and baseball fields where Traveller irrigators spray the fields under the self-propelled and hands-free operation of these water reels that cover all turf areas in a single pass of the Traveller. The travellers operate by the pressure and volume of the water delivered from the wells & pump station located as much as 3000-feet away from the athletic fields. We also install drip line irrigation systems where water conservation best fits the available water source and crop being watered.


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