Pond Supply

Site Assessments, Design/ Build & RepairDrilling & Testing

Infilling pond at horse farm
Infilling pond at horse farm with 300 gpm well by Bluestone.

McQueen Gold Course Dam construction
McQueen Golf Course Dam construction - core excavation.

Dam & bedrock assessments conducted for pre-build analysis or post-construction leak detection & repair. Single fractures or conduits (flow paths) often form within the surface limestone directly beneath ponds, so repairs can be implemented using on-site clay, soil additives (bentonite), grouting, or synthetic liners as last resort. However, many ponds are more cost effectively maintained by simply using a well to intercept and circulate groundwater back to the surface (see well and spring completions) as supplement to inflow or as replacement for leak water, rather than incurring what are usually more costly repairs - heavy equipment, labor & materials.


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