Pump Testing - Well & Spring Tests

Pump Testing at Wafare Farm
Dugan measuring flow @ Wafare Farm pump test.

Pump Testing for Aquifer Assessment:

  1. water quantity established to accurately size withdrawal systems - submersible pump, pressure tank, lines, etc., and
  2. water quality lab tests can clear the water for all homesite and farm uses.

However if bacteria, metals, and/or nitrite/nitrate are found in the water, we design treatment systems to best cleanse water of all unwanted parameters. Treatment is always geared toward uses - sediment removal to eliminate fouling along irrigation sprinkler heads and drip-line emitters, iron & sulfur to reduce line fouling, total cleansing for human consumption. Often wells, springs, or ponds that exist on a property can be tested then upgraded at minimal expense.

Dugan installing 15 hp submersible
Dugan installing 15 hp submersible in
300+ gpm well.


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