Well & Spring Completions

Spring Completion
Spring dam capture at outlet, Fall 2007.

Seitz Spring House
Spring pump system, Brookdale Farm.

Spring Knoll Creek
Spring collection box install, Knoll Creek Farm.

Bluestone Geologic is experienced in all well & spring completions, including 1) sizing & installing submersible and centrifugal pumps and pressure activation systems, 2) sizing & installing supply/delivery lines, valves and line protection, 3) required periodic maintenance of all well & spring system components.

We use geophysical instruments & proven techniques to locate faults, fractures, terraces, and karst aquifers found at shallow depths (< 200 feet), and to evaluate springs flowing at the surface. Drilling then locates the new wells for the homeowner or farm, and often wells, springs, or ponds that exist on a property can be upgraded at minimal expense. The costs* for much of our work is also reimbursable through federal & state funds offered to help ag-operations develop on-farm water resources

* Rates available on request. Same day evaluations are available to recommend the most easily accessible & dependable water source on individual properties.


TOM DUGAN is a registered professional geologist with over 30 years experience.
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